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We help businesses of all shapes and sizes with speedy and efficient commercial plumbing services in the Bayside Peninsula areas of Melbourne

Warehouses, manufacturing operations, hospitality establishments, commercial buildings… no matter what your business looks like, plumbing is essential to keeping your day-to-day running smoothly.

And as one of the most important utilities your business relies on, it’s crucial that you get your plumbing looked after by a team that you can trust! And with 20 plus years of experience, we’ve seen and fixed it all!

Whether it’s the key to your entire operation or just the tap in the staff kitchen, our plumbers ensure that plumbing problems don’t leave your business out of action for long!

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Emergency commercial plumbing

Rapid-response emergency means that you won’t need to worry about an unexpected plumbing problem putting you out of business for too long.

When we say 24/7, we mean it. Based in Frankston, our team is ready to respond to plumbing and gas emergencies in the Bayside Peninsula area of Melbourne. Even if you need service or maintenance work done after-hours, on weekends or over public holidays. We accommodate your trading hours to suit your business.

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Plumbing inspections and maintenance

The secret to avoiding an emergency? Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance.

Our team works with you to schedule regular commercial plumbing inspections, looking at your busy periods and hours of operation to ensure that our services are as unobtrusive as possible.

Contact us today to get started.

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Commercial fit-outs

Our commercial team works on your fit-out from the point of design, crafting a plumbing system that perfectly meets your needs, future business goals, and budget.

Not only that, but we’ll also carry out the installation and plumbing maintenance itself with our trademark skill and workmanship. We bring 20+ years of commercial fit-out experience to the table, meaning you can have confidence in your system operating exactly as it should.

How can we help you?

Helping businesses of all shapes and sizes with their plumbing needs...

We can provide quality commercial plumbing and maintenance services for

COMMERCIAL plumbing service

Commercial plumbing services for Bayside Peninsula businesses

Keep your large-scale commercial system operating at its best with a little help from NRJ!

Keep your large-scale commercial system operating at its best with a little help from NRJ!

The best way to avoid an unexpected plumbing or gas emergency forcing you to close up shop early is to get your all-important systems, installations and lines inspected and serviced on a regular basis.

Ongoing inspections and plumbing maintenance with our commercial services ensure that any potential issues are identified – and fixed – early on before they have an opportunity to snowball and force your business to grind to a halt.

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We work closely with our clients and project managers. We take care to plan inspections and plumbing maintenance around your business, avoiding your busiest periods and minimising the disruption to your day-to-day operations.

You’re a busy person, and it isn’t uncommon for important tasks to slip between the cracks.

To help you avoid that, we’ll also create a fixed inspection calendar, ensuring that inspections and servicing happen on-time and aren’t overlooked.

A proactive and preventative maintenance schedule ensures your business can continue to operate exactly as it should, without the burden of an unexpected plumbing disaster leaving you without water.

As we say in the business, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Call us today to discuss your project.


Commercial gas fitters

Water isn’t the only thing your business relies on - nor is it the only utility our plumbers can help you out with

Water isn’t the only thing your business relies on – nor is it the only utility our commercial plumbers can help you out with.

What do your business’ water system and its gas connection have in common?

The answer: they’re both reliant on the right plumbing to deliver the solutions you need. Someone skilled at gas leak detection.

Of course, just because they use similar pipes, fittings, and valves don’t mean that any plumber can be trusted to work on your gas connections or appliances.

Dealing with gas problems safely requires special training and equipment – things that plumbers who’ve only trained in conventional plumbing may not be able to offer.

When you run into gas problems, it’s imperative that you choose a fully licensed gas fitter to undertake any service work on your gas lines and fittings..

Gasfitter working on gas fittin

With 20+ years of gas fitting experience, NRJ Plumbing’s commercial gas fitters serving the Bayside Peninsula area of Melbourne can offer your business a wide range of specialised gas services, including:

All you need to do is get in touch with our friendly team today! Call us to discuss your projects.


Strata and real estate plumbing

Bring down tenant turnover, get higher offers, and avoid dissatisfaction or complaints with our commercial team

Business owners aren’t the only commercial operations our plumbing services can help!

As a landlord, strata manager, or real estate agent you’re legally responsible for ensuring that residents and tenants have working utilities.

The best way to minimise these issues is to have the utilities serviced regularly and to ensure any emergencies that do pop up are inspected and fixed by friendly, efficient, and qualified tradespeople.

Workman in safety help and gear checking a gas gause

So when it comes to plumbing issues in your commercial or residential strata property, we’re the team to call!

We can support you with plumbing, gas leak detection and gas fitting work for your domestic and commercial gas appliances.

Commercial plumbers for all Bayside Peninsula areas

Commercial specialists you can trust to look after your business’ plumbing needs.

Nick is the most honest plumber you’ll meet!

You can be assured you are not getting ripped off and he is the most decent guy. Couldn’t have been more helpful, he installed my new oven quickly, efficiently and was very polite.

His price didn’t change, he was upfront and more than competitive and the work was of a very high standard.

He cleaned up as he went along without a prompt from me, and also had to turn the gas off while he installed, then whilst turning the hot water service back on walked past a leaky tap and just fixed it. No questions just because he is a really helpful and honest person.

Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.


Nick was my knight in shining armour.

I contacted him late on a Saturday afternoon in tears because my entire kitchen reno was about to be derailed and pushed back by a fortnight.

He calmed me down and promised to be out first thing on Sunday to sort it.

Nick arrived early and was just the loveliest human to deal with I explained the problem and ran out to get him a coffee by the time I got back he was done.

He took the time to explain everything to me and was just such a genuinely nice guy to deal with.

I could not recommend him highly enough.


I called Nick very late in the evening with my sewer overflowing.

Nick answered and reassured me that he would be around within half an hour and fix the issue. Sure enough he was there as promised, cleared the blocked sewer and even spent the time to hose everything down and making it like new again.I was shocked with his very reasonable pricing and his level of attention to our needs.

I would highly recommend NRJ Plumbing to anyone who wants a great service with a great price. Thanks again Nick 👍


He is a fantastic bloke and an extremely good and professional plumber.

Highly recommend

Marc & Alex

Nick from NRJ Plumbing is a very honest Man, he was on time and very thorough with his work, he charges fairly and shows that he cares it is not just a job to him which was nice to see!

My family and I would highly recommend him!


Great service! Nick is extremely friendly, professional and genuine. This reflects by his pricing and efficiency.

Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and if you want an honest quote.



Nick was honest, professional, extremely knowledgeable, great value for money, reliable and did a wonderful job.

I would highly recommend Nick and we are getting Nick back to do more projects in the future. Thanks again