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We care about the community, our team are fully vaccinated & comply with all COVID safety protocols.

Bayside Peninsula 24 hour emergency plumber

If you run into a plumbing emergency and you live in as Bayside Peninsula area, we can normally be with you in less than 1 hour from our Frankson base

emergency plumbing services

When a plumbing emergency strikes, every minute counts!

Save yourself the time and stress, call us now for emergency help and advice before we get there.

Our promise is

  • To arrive on time. We understand that getting to your property fast is important.
  • Provide great value upfront pricing so you know where you stand. With emergencies, the cost of your job will depend on the time of day, the type of work and if it’s a workday, weekend or public holiday.
  • Experienced plumbers working on your job. We are a small plumbing business serving Melbourne’s Bayside Peninsula suburbs. Your satisfaction and our reputation are vital to our success and we are committed to doing a great emergency plumbing job for you.
  • To deliver 24/7 emergency service 365 days a year for all types of domestic and commercial plumbing emergencies, including gas emergencies. You can rely on our emergency plumbing team to show up exactly when you need us, whether that’s after-hours, on the weekend or on a public holiday.
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emergency plumbing services

What is emergency plumbing?

Emergency plumbing is when you need to get a plumber to come to you out of normal business hours to stop or deal with an immediate plumbing problem that is causing damage to your property. Sometimes we can fix your plumbing problem or the spot, and at other times, we isolate and stop the cause of the damage. Then we come back the next day with all the relevant parts to complete the repairs or replacement.

Calling us in during the night, weekend or public holiday comes at a premium. So it’s important to know when to call us in for an emergency. Here are some examples of when to call us in.

Whatever the issue is, you can be confident that we’ll treat it with the exact same care and workmanship…

Plumber under a laundry sink
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Blocked drains

When your pipes back up due to blocked drains water does not drain away. Then sinks, shower pans, basins and toilets can overflow. Raw sewage is a real problem – both inside and outside your property. It can damage floors, carpets and the understory of your property. This situation can create damage and can easily become an emergency situation.

Some blockages are easy to dislodge – others require pipes to be removed altogether and replaced with new ones. Either way, we can ensure that your plumbing is free from blockages – as well as all the problems they can cause.

woman behind fogged glass enjoying a hot shower
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Hot water problems

From hot water leaks to worn-out parts, and even hot water system replacement, our hot water plumbers ensure you aren’t left with freezing cold water at the worst possible time. If you can live without hot water over the weekend, then getting the hot water problem solved can happen in normal working hours.

However, it’s a problem you want to be solved, then we can fix it our of normal working hours.

Workman in safety help and gear checking a gas gause
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Gas leak

Gas leaks can be dangerous and need to be dealt with immediately. The moment you detect or suspect a gas leak, call us in and we can send a licensed gas plumber who can identify and fix the leak and ensure the safety of your home and family.

In the interim, turn off your gas supply valve. Then get fresh air into the property by opening windows and doors.

female plumber repairs water leak under a sink
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Burst pipe

Burst pipes can create a flooding and water damage problem in your property and in other properties beside or below yours. Flooding from a burst pipe can damage floors and coverings. The water can also damage walls and ceilings, gib board, and the wood of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

It’s a situation where the problem needs to be fixed fast. Turn off the water via the tap at the water meter and call us. You won’t need to wait long for us to arrive on-scene and fix the problem for you!

Nicely decorated modern bathroom with toilet and sink.
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Toilet blockages

A blocked toilet is a potential messy disaster waiting to happen! Home solutions aren’t cutting it? We are ready to step up and fix the issue for you – fast!

Got a blocked toilet emergency? Let us take a look at it!

Call Nick any time of the day or night and we’ll help solve your plumbing woes! Call anytime: 0456 717 763.

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How much do plumbers charge for emergency calls?

With emergency plumbing, the cost of your job will depend on the time of day, the type of work and if it’s a workday, weekend or public holiday. Normally there is a call out fee. We provide quality work, guaranteed workmanship at great value prices. And because we don’t charge by the hour, you will always know ahead of time, what the cost of the job will be.

You have nothing to lose by contacting us to get an immediate solution.

Call anytime: 0456 717 763.


24 hour emergency plumbing service near you

When we say 24/7 plumbing services, we mean it

Plumbing problems don’t hang up their hat and clock off once it hits 5 pm; they can strike any home or business, at any time.

That’s why it’s so important that you choose a 24 hour plumber who you know for fact is going to be ready to help, regardless of the time or date!

It can be surprisingly hard to find an emergency plumber who ticks these boxes. While many claim to be a 24 hour plumbers, in reality, getting them to come out at any hour of the night or on a public holiday to carry out plumbing work, fix your broken water heating or do some gas fitting can be a challenge.

Luckily, it’s one you won’t have to face with our master plumbers in the Bayside Peninsula area.

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After-hours plumbing

Our emergency plumbers are based in Frankston and we service all suburbs of Melbourne’s Bayside Peninsula area. We are ready to work at a moment’s notice 7 days a week, fixing problems as they arise.

Give us a call after-hours, and our experienced plumbers will be over as soon as possible.

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Weekend plumbing

Weekends should be relaxing – something that isn’t going to be possible if you encounter an unexpected plumbing emergency.

When a weekend plumbing emergency pops up, give us a call. We’ll turn up and fix the issue for you on-the-spot, allowing you to resume your stress-free weekend.

Plumber working on gas lines
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Public holiday plumbing

You’d have to have some pretty bad luck to run into a plumbing emergency on a public holiday. Alas, it’s something that certainly happens!

If you’re unlucky enough to have this happen to you, don’t stress – our plumbers are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Even on public holidays, we’re ready to spring into action and fix any plumbing problems you encounter.

Emergency plumbing services

Emergency plumbers in the Bayside Peninsula area

What’s the most important thing to look for when searching for a 24/7 plumbing service near you?

While their experience and workmanship are certainly important, if you ask us, one thing that a lot of homeowners and businesses overlook is proximity.

Location matters when choosing a 24/7  emergency plumber. A local plumber knows your area. Not to mention, they’re closer, so they’ll be able to get to you quicker.

This is key when you run into a plumbing emergency.

From our home base in Frankston, our emergency plumbers offer a speedy solution to your plumbing issues. Not just Frankston, but the entire Mornington Peninsula.

Live or work around these areas? We’ve got you covered!

plumber under laundry sink

Find out more about the areas we serve.

An emergency plumber you can rely on

You might be wondering if the issue you’re suffering from really requires an emergency plumber. If you’re not sure, we’ve got a simple tip: call us anyway!

We’re happy to come out and provide some clarity, fix the issue, and ensure safety.

Nick is the most honest plumber you’ll meet!

You can be assured you are not getting ripped off and he is the most decent guy. Couldn’t have been more helpful, he installed my new oven quickly, efficiently and was very polite.

His price didn’t change, he was upfront and more than competitive and the work was of a very high standard.

He cleaned up as he went along without a prompt from me, and also had to turn the gas off while he installed, then whilst turning the hot water service back on walked past a leaky tap and just fixed it. No questions just because he is a really helpful and honest person.

Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.


Nick was my knight in shining armour.

I contacted him late on a Saturday afternoon in tears because my entire kitchen reno was about to be derailed and pushed back by a fortnight.

He calmed me down and promised to be out first thing on Sunday to sort it.

Nick arrived early and was just the loveliest human to deal with I explained the problem and ran out to get him a coffee by the time I got back he was done.

He took the time to explain everything to me and was just such a genuinely nice guy to deal with.

I could not recommend him highly enough.


I called Nick very late in the evening with my sewer overflowing.

Nick answered and reassured me that he would be around within half an hour and fix the issue. Sure enough he was there as promised, cleared the blocked sewer and even spent the time to hose everything down and making it like new again.I was shocked with his very reasonable pricing and his level of attention to our needs.

I would highly recommend NRJ Plumbing to anyone who wants a great service with a great price. Thanks again Nick 👍


He is a fantastic bloke and an extremely good and professional plumber.

Highly recommend

Marc & Alex

Nick from NRJ Plumbing is a very honest Man, he was on time and very thorough with his work, he charges fairly and shows that he cares it is not just a job to him which was nice to see!

My family and I would highly recommend him!


Great service! Nick is extremely friendly, professional and genuine. This reflects by his pricing and efficiency.

Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and if you want an honest quote.



Nick was honest, professional, extremely knowledgeable, great value for money, reliable and did a wonderful job.

I would highly recommend Nick and we are getting Nick back to do more projects in the future. Thanks again